Sunday, 20 November 2011

Se alguém levasse embora até o que eu não tinha


(Sorry, I don't know how to add subtitles to the vid, would anyone, please?)

oh, note that the harsh comments (as the 'who cares where the natives will live') are mostly ironic/sarcastic #justsaying

- Have you ever heard of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant?
- Have you ever been to Amazonia?
- Do you know what “clean energy” means?
- Sustainable development? Ever heard of that?
- What does that have to do with me?
- What does that have to do with me?
- But, what does that have to do with me?
- Well, I pay my taxes on time, I recycle, I teach my children to respect others…
- And I still have to bother about a hydroelectric in Pará?
- But see, if there’s no Belo Monte plant, there’ll be no electric energy. If there’s no power, how am I supposed to turn on my tv to watch my soap operas?
- There’s no way to have no power. I’m like the most connected person ever!
- God forbid we have no power!
- No power, no cell phone, no iPad, no iPhone,  no i….everything!
- Belo Monte will be the third biggest hydroelectric plant in the planet!
- In the world.
- Why does it matter to build the 3rd biggest hydroelectric plant in the world, if in fact, it’s only going to produce 1/3 of its capacity?
- Wait a minute. What do you mean? Only 1/3?
- Because during 8 months a year, that region is practically dry.
- I’m not getting this guys, I’ll have to research then…
- I did research, go check.
- I researched…and it’s going to cost 30 billion.
- 30, what?!
- 30 billion.
-30 billion?!?
- 30!
- Billion?!
- Who’s paying for that? You?
- …
- You?
- You.
- Yeah, the clown here.
- 80% of that is taxes.
- Do the math. Realize it. It’s 24 billion reais coming out of your pocket.
- Our money, to a work of this proportion
- And no one is going to discuss it. We’ll pretend as if nothing is going on.
- The only thing is, below the dam, the river flows through the Xingu National Park.
- The Belo Monte plant will flood, overflow, destroy 640 km ² of Amazonian forest.
- Who was the one that said hydroelectric is clean energy?
- Wait wait wait. It is clean energy. Way better than nuclear or coal-fired power.
 - It would be clean if it was in a deserted area. But in a forest?
- We have the world’s biggest forest.
- One question!
- How to solve Brazil’s energy issue?
- It is possible to create other alternatives to create energy. Eolic energy, solar energy.
- This is the first of many plants the government wants to build in Amazonia during the next 20 years.
- Where will the riparians and natives be taken to?
- No, who cares if the natives will have nowhere to live?
- Look, we’ll take the riparians to the slums and the fish to the aquariums, there, solved.
- To me, natives want to live in the city.
- Yeaah, take antibiotics…
- Education…confort…
- Natives…are there any yet?
- I wonder if the natives are heard.
- A lot of question with no answer.
- If the construction of the Belo Monte plant ends up to be a mistake, it’s a path with no return.
- Do you see? We need to pay more attention to Brazil.
- Do know that feeling of regretting something you didn’t even do?
- Because we say we won’t regret but eventually we do.
- At this moment, all over the world, thousands of people are going to the streets to protest and change their destiny.
- Join this chain, let’s do something for Brazil.
- Go to this site. There you’ll find a petition for you to sign, and several links to your question’s answers.
- Do you understand that if we get a great number of signatures, we can stop this construction.
- Read the petition, and sign it. We’ll send it to the congress and to president Dilma Roussef.
- Ok, hold on, if you’re listening to this is because you’re connected. So go on! Sign it now, I’ll wait.
- It’s just one click.
- No leaving it for later.
- Take your time, I’ll even get more comfortable…
- So? I’m still here, still waiting….
- I’m not DiCaprio but…sign it…
- If you, like me, already signed it, you just have to send it to 10 friends.
- Pass it on to them.
- You don’t have 10 friends?
- Come on, you must have 10 friends, nowadays with Facebook, everyone has like a million friends.
- Trending Topic, how about it?
- Like that we create a wave.
- A wave of awareness.
- There’s still time.
- Pass on this message ahead.
- President Dilma, we don’t want that, in the future, studying Brazil’s history, people see that we had the opportunity to make a place more healthy, fair and responsible, and did nothing. Think of the Brazil your grandson is going to grow in.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Victims of the storm

Hello all! Well, I won't have much to post on the masks for a while, since I'm still working only on the bases and will only start on the decorations when I have a good number.

I spent a few days in São Paulo, and monday I came back to extremely dry and hot weather ;_; We must have caught no more than 2 weeks of cold this year(everyone down here complains about the heat, everyone up there complains about the cold, haha I guess we get tired of our envoirement sometimes). So I just got home and browsing through Etsy I found something that makes me want to have a decent winter so so much. Take a looks at all these cuties (just click the images to get to the original page)


And I'm watching Bonanza, lol (if you know what that is, I'll give you a virtual cookie)(no checking google!!)

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Saudade é pra quem tem

This post is about cake. Because everybody likes cake. And because I finally solved a problem I've had since the first cake I ever baked: keeping it from sticking to the pan. So I found this Miracle Pan Release post on Apron of Grace (through Pinterest, I believe), and I decided to try.....and it so worked. The cake came out all pretty (I broke it a bit when putting it on the plate of course, but that's another story). And yeah, I found no cake plate, so it's in a pasta plate.

Very complex recipe....mix 1 measure of shortening, 1 measure of vegetable oil and 1 measure of flour (the measure can be any, depending on how much you need, just make sure you have the same for all three ingredients). You can see the whole post at Apron of Grace here.

I think I've liked orange/yellow coloured cakes more than chocolate ones since I was a kid. Absolutely loved carrot cake.

And I wanted to do this classical icing I grew up seeing on orange cakes, but I had no icing sugar and due o the holiday, everything was closed ;.;  But anyways, it's reaaally good icing, and all you have to do is slowly mix the juice of a lemon and half an orange to 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar till you get a nice, smooth and white mixture. You can check here for the full cake and icing recipes + pics :)

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