Who's Andy

Well, I am. Which means I won't write this in third person, because it's weird.

So, hi! My name is Andy, and I'm a plastic artist, currently living in Maringá, Paraná - Brazil. I was born in Curitiba, but have been living here most of my life, only leaving for college.

I started drawing in a rather random way when I was about 11. For some reason I'll never understand a friend of my best friend's sister asked me to draw something for her. So I did. First time ever I tried, copying a image from a magazine to a blank sheet, no tracing. It was a Dragonite (you know, from Pokémon) and I was so perplexed that I actually managed to do it, I never stoped (and still have the drawing).

After that maany things happened,  I got in Etching and Engraving course by the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná (2005 - 2009), went to Italy (twice) and studied italian, and Leather Design by IED, and of course, mask making with Prof. Agostino Dessì, first in 2008, when I learned how to make the base, and then in 2010 getting other decoration techniques.

I came back from my second time in Italy on august 2010 and about a month later I had a place for my workshop. Finally I was able to start making masks in Brazil. Not long after that I went to Alliance Française while looking for a french course, and through the director, Elisabeth, the idea of my first exhibition started to grow.

It happened on march 25 (the same day I went to Italy for the first time, 3 years before) and it went just great.  Now I'll be working in new models, new techniques, towards new exhibitions. And you can follow it all here ;)

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